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Mic Dahl's Portfolio


Digital Event Producer for the Salesforce Accelerate program (view a reel of the work from 2022 here). Produced, video edited, and created motion graphics for internal and partner marketing within the AppExchange. The majority of Mic Dahl’s work for Salesforce is internal and confidential, please feel free to reach out with any questions.


End of year (2021) Thank you video for Salesforce Partners and Customers.


AppExchange Chat, promotional video content.

Blank Canvas Foundation

Blank Canvas Foundation is a mental health awareness clothing brand based in Southern California. For BCF’s It’s Okay to Feel 2022 Collection, Mic Dahl created the designs and Motion Graphics.


As shown as media content and a hoodie design as seen on the Blank Canvas Instagram, along with many others.


A front hoodie design as seen here on the Blank Canvas Instagram. You can view the full MoGraph here.

Rolling Hills


Rolling Hills (2020), Mic Dahl, Director, Editor, VFX Artist

as seen on,

Rolling Hills follows a local DJ determined for a music career under the lights who learns to care more for his friends, nature, and community. Rolling Hills nudges forward the movements of permaculture and community.

Rolling Hills editing, involved heavy masking, rotoscoping, creative application of effects, and complex animations in After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop.


Rolling Hills (2020), Mic Dahl, Director, Editor, VFX Artist

as seen on,

Rolling Hills (2020), Mic Dahl, Director, Editor, VFX Artist

as seen on,

Emma and the Bright Souls

The band “Emma and the Bright Souls” has had her last two music videos along with some of her YouTube videos edited by Mic Dahl.


“To Love” by Emma and The Bright Souls edit and VFX by Mic Dahl (2020)


“To Love” by Emma and The Bright Souls edit and VFX by Mic Dahl (2020)


“Who I Am” by Emma and The Bright Souls edited by Mic Dahl (2020)

Art Classes for California Prisoners

Due to COVID-19 California prisoners had art classes over pre-recorded video instead of in-person teaching funded by the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton. The classes covered art topics about perspective, understanding form, and drawing tips in general. Both shot and edited by Mic Dahl.


“Jim Draws” (2020) shot and edited by Mic Dahl

“Jim Draws” (2020) shot and edited by Mic Dahl


“Jim Draws episode 2” (2020) shot and edited by Mic Dahl

Of Note

“The Art of Sacrifice” (2017) dir./writ./edit by Mic Dahl

“Money Shot” (2016) dir./writ./edit by Mic Dahl

“Distance To The Carrot” (2016) dir./writ./edit by Mic Dahl


“Distance to The Carrot” (2016) animated/dir. by Mic Dahl


“Money Shot” (2016) dir./edit by Mic Dahl


“The Art of Sacrifice” (2017) dir./edit by Mic Dahl

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